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Cemented Carbide Dies

Cemented Carbide Dies

Carbide Cold Heading Dies is used on the cold forging machine, making the materials cutting, reforming, forming to the mould

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  • Cemented Carbide Dies
  • Cemented Carbide Dies
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Cold Heading Dies

Cemented Carbide Dies: Precision Shaping with Square and carbide blanks round

Cemented carbide dies offer exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and strength, making them suitable for applications that involve high-pressure and abrasive conditions. They are commonly used in metalworking processes such as cold heading, wire drawing, extrusion, and stamping.

In cold heading, cemented carbide dies are utilized to shape metal blanks into desired shapes, such as screws, bolts, and fasteners. The hardness and toughness of the carbide material enable the dies to withstand the high forces and repeated impacts involved in the cold heading process, ensuring consistent and precise shaping of the metal.

In wire drawing, cemented carbide dies are used to reduce the diameter of metal wires while maintaining their strength and surface quality. The smooth and wear-resistant surface of the carbide dies allows for efficient and precise wire drawing operations, resulting in high-quality wires for various applications.

Cemented carbide dies also find applications in extrusion, where they are used to shape and form materials such as plastics, rubber, and metals. The superior hardness and wear resistance of the carbide dies enable them to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures involved in the extrusion process, ensuring accurate and reliable shaping of the materials.

Outside Diameter Grade
HG6 HG7 HD7 HD8 HD9 HD11 HD12
Φ10-Φ30 +0.3~+0.6 +0.3~+0.6
Φ30-Φ50 +0.4~+0.7 +0.4~+0.8
Φ50-Φ70 +0.4~+0.8 +0.4~+1.0

Inner Diameter Grade
HG6 HG7 HD7 HD8 HD9 HD11 HD12
Φ1-Φ10 +0.2~+0.4 +0.2~+0.4
Φ10-Φ20 +0.3~+0.8 +0.3~+0.8
Φ20-Φ30 +0.5~+1.0 +0.8~+1.2
Φ30-Φ40 +0.8~+1.5 +1.2~+1.5
Φ40 -1.0 -1.2

Height Grade
HG6 HG7 HD7 HD8 HD9 HD11 HD12
10~35 +0.6~+1.0 +0.6~+1.0
35~45 +0.8~+1.2 +0.8~+1.5
45~55 +1.0~+1.5 +1.0~+1.5
55~65 +1.2~+1.8 +1.2~+1.8

Grade Recommendation:
Grade Co% Grain Size of WC/um Hardness
Flexural Strength Mpa Elastic Modulus Gpa Impact Toughness J/am2 Applications
HG6 15 2 86.5 13.95 3000 440 6.4 Suitable for Engineering Teeth, Cold Forging Die, with High Wear and Impact Resistance.
HG7 18 2 85 13.75 2800 410 7.4
HG9 24 2 82 13.10 2800 340 10
HG11 21 2 84.5 13.45 2800 340 8.2 Suitabale for Strict Requirement Cold Forging Area, with High Toughness, Impact Resistance and Heat Resistance.
HG12 24 2 82.5 13.15 2800 340 10.4

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